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  intel core i3
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hive t42 touchscreen table

The HIVE T42 is a fully integrated and interactive HD touchscreen table solution.

This state of the art touch screen table features a breath-taking 42" full HD LED touch screen panel embedded into a sturdy and stylishly designed support.The HIVE T42's frame and legs are made of stainless steel and aluminium while the display is protected by tempered glass for a strong durable body.

The seamless integration of a powerful yet completely silent computer unleashes the full potential of the graphics array and interactivity of the HIVE T42. For this purpose, we have developed a computing solution designed to run for extended periods of time at a stable temperature while providing the necessary processing power to execute all the major multitouch applications flawlessly.

touchscreen table pdx hiveThe HIVE T42's full HD LED display features ideal brightness and contrast levels that translate into rich and crisp graphics even in bright indoor conditions. With the implementation of a state of the art IR touch panel capable of detecting 10 touch points, applications on the HIVE T42 can interact with up to 10 users simultaneously!

Unrivaled value for the best technology,the HIVE T42 is simply the best touch screen table solution available today.

At only $3990 for the LTE version, we offer you REAL technology at a REAL price.


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